Learn Polish idioms with FRAZPOL

Learn Polish idioms with FRAZPOL

What is Frazpol? Frazpol is a free online tool which can help you learn, practice and test Polish idioms. It is made up of four main parts: dictionaries, exercises, tests and games. The input is divided into four levels. The project was launched in 2000 at the School of Polish Language and Culture University of […]

Visit the Virtual Museum of the Warsaw Uprising

Visit the Virtual Museum of the Warsaw Uprising

There are a few reasons why you should do so: the real Museum is one of the best in Poland; its virtual counterpart is the best one I have seen so far; finally, today is another 1 August and the 70th anniversary of the Uprising. How can this historical tour benefit your Polish language skills? […]

Polish Doesn't Bite!

Polish Doesn’t Bite!

I wish it was the first book I had bought for my husband but at the time he started learning Polish it hadn’t even been published yet. Its full title contains the phrase “an innovative course for beginners”. The blurb is partly accurate – it is definitely a book for real beginners. As for “innovative”, […]

Pimsleur Polish - talk to yourself and learn

Pimsleur Polish – talk to yourself and learn

The Pimsleur method basically gives you an opportunity to practise Polish on your own, through dozens of conversations, which you are going to have with yourself, before your first encounter with a real Polish person. This is why it makes me think of Robert de Niro in “Taxi Driver”. There’s no coursebook – just audio, […]

"Quick fix" essential Polish phrases from BBC

“Quick fix” essential Polish phrases from BBC

This concise BBC guide to Polish language is worth looking up if… – you have just decided to learn Polish – you are an absolute beginner – you are looking for some general information about Polish language, such as its level of difficulty or usefulness – you are going to visit Poland for a short […]

Polish grammar reference online

Polish grammar reference online

Most teachers and coursebook authors do their best to turn your learning experience into fun. You are supposed not to feel you’re making an effort, you should notice you’re making progress. However, it’s impossible to completely eliminate sweat, tears and headaches, and you may experience any or all of these while working on Polish grammar. […]

A thought bubble a day...

A thought bubble a day…

… will help you learn or revise at least 150 Polish words a month (unless it’s February and a leap year). If you continued these calculations, you would see it makes 1800 words a year – well, it’s going to be much more than survival Polish:) So what do you do ? Not much, just […]

"Polish in 4 weeks"

“Polish in 4 weeks”

If the authors changed the title to a less optimistic (or possibly frustrating) one, like “Polish in 4 seasons”, it would be a more accurate forecast;) Other than that, it’s impossible to disagree with anything else they say about this publication, so I have included their own review as well – the story line is […]


Grammar charts

Polish grammar in context, through quotes from Polish songs, films, and other sources. The voices you're going to hear belong to Polish actors, singers, comedians, politicians, religious leaders, among others - which means that while studying grammar you can learn something about Poland's culture, political life and - well, life in general.

Online resources

Online resources that have been created specifically for foreigners who want to learn Polish. They are either totally or partially free.

Self-study books

Reviews of books that you could use to study Polish on your own - I only write about books we have on our bookshelf:)

Self-study tips

Ideas for things you can do to improve your Polish language skills. Some of them are online resources (mostly Polish sites designed for Polish people that you could also use to boost your language skills even at beginner's level:), some of them are things you can do away from a computer.