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What can you learn from this song?

– it’s a short narrative story, with a punchline, so if you can understand what it is about, you will feel a sense of achievement
– the story is told in the past, so there are some nice past forms (and most of them are actually useful)

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The film was made in 1983, the title is “Akademia pana Kleksa” (based on a novel of the same title by Jan Brzechwa)
It is for kids and about kids, showing “everyday life” in an unusual college where only boys whose name starts with a letter A are accepted. Surprising how this scene ends, I watched this movie in primary school but couldn’t remember this bit at all…

Księżyc raz odwiedził staw

Księżyc raz odwiedził staw
Bo miał dużo ważnych spraw
Zobaczyły go szczupaki:
“Kto to taki? Kto to taki?”
Księżyc na to odrzekł szybko:
“Jestem sobie złotą rybką!”
Słysząc taką pogawędkę
Rybak złowił go na wędkę
Dusił całą noc w śmietanie
I zjadł rano na śniadanie

Extra challenges for commentators:
1. Find one more masculine noun in the lyrics.
2. Translate the rest of the lyrics.

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