Jul 102011

This listening is a real challenge – a live football commentary by Tomasz Zimoch from Polish Radio, dramatic and hilarious. Try and focus on football-related words, don’t get distracted by foreign surnames, good luck:)

This extract is also used with the following chart:
Masculine Noun, Accusative Case – example: gol – gola
Back to Masculine Nouns Case Inflection chart

Listen to the whole extract:

Tomasz Zimoch with headphones on, in front of the microphone

Tomasz Zimoch on the air

Answer the questions:
1. Which Polish team were playing?
2. Who were their opponents?
3. Why was this match important?
4. Which minute of the match was it?
5. What nationality was the referee?
6. What was the score after the goal?

Tomasz Zimoch with a Golden Mic Award

2009, Tomasz Zimoch with Złoty Mikrofon (Golden Mic Award)

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