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Vocabulary and grammar - a sample topicIt’s a really useful site and partly available for free – to be more precise, 30 lessons out of 100 are completely free, and starting with lesson 31 the beginning of each unit is free, and you would need to sign up to be able to use the rest.
The whole project seems to be a kind of an online phrasebook. There are 100 topics, and most of them contain thematic/situational vocabulary (e.g. asking for directions, at the restaurant, preparing for a trip), others revolve around grammar issues (e.g. past tense, conjunctions). Words are never presented on their own, they are all used in sentences.

How is it different from a standard printed phrasebook?

– you can listen to the Polish phrases, which is very helpful
it’s interactive – you can’t see the phrases at first, instead you can try and fill in the missing letters/words yourself, or you can click to see the whole phrases

You can keep coming back to the lesson – listen, write, test how much you can remember. Well, you’d better check it out for yourself at

The table of contents is quite impressive, whether you are at a beginner or intermediate level, you will find something for yourself, here is 1/3 of the topics:

List of topics

You can see a fragment of a sample lesson below:

Sample lesson - at a swimming pool

If you would like to subscribe, you can check out the payment options
(also note that there’s a one day free trial option):


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