Aug 172011

… will help you learn or revise at least 150 Polish words a month (unless it’s February and a leap year).
If you continued these calculations, you would see it makes 1800 words a year – well, it’s going to be much more than survival Polish:)
Thought you might have when waiting for a train

So what do you do ?

Not much, just try and think in Polish. You don’t have to think full sentences, you can think words for a good beginning. You don’t have to think in Polish all the time – even one minute is enough, you can choose some time when you’re not terribly busy anyway, such as waiting for someone or something.

Look around, think about five words that describe:
– something or someone you can see
– your mood
– something happening around you

You might need to have some dictionary with you, to be able to look up words that you need.

What are the benefits of using this method?
– you are going to learn vocabulary that you actually need to describe things that attract your attention and that you associate with some real-life situation
– you are much more likely to remember these words, precisely because of the point above
– this activity is not time-consuming, but requires some discipline (is it a drawback?)

I’ve also prepared something to help you with this ‘discipline challenge’. It’s a calendar for the current month with 31 bubbles, each for one day – you can fill in the bubbles with your thoughts of the day. It’s going to be a solid prove that you devote a minute or two to thinking in Polish. Enjoy:)

Speech bubbles for 5 Mondays

Click here to download your thought bubbles (August 2011)

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