Aug 142011

If you are a beginner, the easiest and most rewarding thing to do is to learn plenty of vocabulary, and crosswords can help you learn a lot of new words and revise the ones that you already know.

You have just started learning, so you need clues which you would be able to understand, and here they are: pictures:)

Where can you find easy crosswords with pictures online?
For example here:

You can see a selection of crosswords, unfortunately, not all of them have pictures as clues, but you will be able to see which ones do:

For example, the one below looks doable, but you probably still need a dictionary:

Easy Polish crosswords

There are Polish characters available with a click of the mouse if you don’t have a Polish keyboard:

Polish characters available with a click

When you have completed the crossword or given up, you might want to have a look at the correct answers, so click on “zakończ”:

When you've completed the crossword...

Now confirm that you are sure you want to finish and see the results:

To confirm you've finished, click...

If you think this activity is useful and want to do more crosswords, go to:

Click "easy"


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