Aug 152011

Polish alphabet and pronunciation guide - part 2For any person who is just beginning to learn Polish, mastering pronunciation must seem a daunting task, even if it is so much more predictable than in English. The scary sounds include the letters that are spelled with funny diacritics and consonants which are pronounced as one sound but written with two letters.

Is there anything available on the internet that could help you in these first steps? Yes, and – what is more – it’s free:)
Thanks to a mystery good man called Janusz, who started working on his “Polish Lesson Units” in 2007, and has completed them by now, you can enjoy over 40 videos – I do mean “enjoy” because the selection of the vocabulary illustrating each sound is surely going to make you smile now and then.

Below you can see only the first two units, the first one with the brief introduction to the whole alphabet, and the second one with the focus on letter “A”.

You can find all 45 lesson units in the Polish Alphabet A-Z.

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