Aug 212011

Polish grammar can give you a headacheMost teachers and coursebook authors do their best to turn your learning experience into fun. You are supposed not to feel you’re making an effort, you should notice you’re making progress. However, it’s impossible to completely eliminate sweat, tears and headaches, and you may experience any or all of these while working on Polish grammar.

Normally, diverse grammar issues are smuggled in amongst vocabulary, entertaining dialogue, pictures, captions, tiny boxes with minimum information. You don’t feel overwhelmed, everything seems manageable. And when this information is not enough, when you feel you could do with more explanations, more examples, more context – here are your free online grammar resources:

Polish Grammar in a Nutshell – this size of this nutshell could still scare a beginner though
A Grammar of Contemporary Polish
A Grammar of the Polish Language
Concise Polish Grammar

The subject is always the same, but each author handles it differently. You should find your match – a grammar author who can get the message through to you:)

And please keep in mind it’s there if you need it for reference – not necessarily suitable for a bedtime story or reading from cover to cover. If you feel tired after looking at it for 10 minutes – be sure you are not alone.

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