Aug 242011

Main characters in the Polish soap - picture

Sarah and Bogdan, main characters in the Polish language soap created by learners

This concise BBC guide to Polish language is worth looking up if…

– you have just decided to learn Polish
– you are an absolute beginner
– you are looking for some general information about Polish language, such as its level of difficulty or usefulness
– you are going to visit Poland for a short time and you would like to learn some key phrases as you want to be seen as a friendly, polite person that you are:)

First, you can have a look at some basic information about the Polish language. There are 10 questions, followed by answers – they are exactly the things that most beginners would like to know. Are you wondering what the answers are? Visit Polish language facts

Polish language FAQ

Whether you are planning to study Polish long-term and in-depth, or you are still not sure how much patience you are going to have for this language, alphabet is the inevitable starting point. Visit Polish alphabet – listen to the Polish sounds, try to imitate them, enjoy.

Polish alphabet - listening

If the encounter with the Polish alphabet hasn’t put you off, then you are probably ready to try and take up the Polish essential phrases challenge. They are not tongue twisters:)

Polish essential phrases - listening

Do you want to learn more expressions? Here’s another selection of useful phrases.

Other collections of Polish phrases from BBC

And finally, there is a treat:)
Polish soap opera, which has been written by learners, such as yourself.

Polish soap - episode 1 - Bogdan meets Sarah

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