Aug 142011

Your Polish cardWhy not try and send your friend a greeting card with some funny animation and a Polish caption, alongside your own message, written in Polish?
The message can be as long/short as you wish.
Apart from writing, there’s also a challenge of using a Polish website – being able to understand the options and completing the task by successfully sending a card to your friend.

Go to

Polish cards - website

Choose one of the topics on the left, for example “Dookoła świata” (= round the world), then choose the card you like and watch the animation:

Polish card - round the world - part 1

Polish card - round the world - part 2

If you can’t understand the conversation:
1) Use a dictionary
2) Ask for help in the comments section below

If you can understand the text in speech bubbles and if you like the card, you can send it:)
Don’t forget to fill in the information in the boxes, you can also select stamps and background pattern, but most importantly – try and write your own message in Polish (you can also go for a less exciting option and choose one of the available, ready made texts):

Options - your Polish card

I wish you good luck with the final challenge – understanding the answer if it is written in Polish again:)

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