Feb 092012

This film fragment is used with the following charts:
Verb “być” in the past tense

Poland, right after fall of communism, early 90s. Former agents of SB (Communist Secret Service) are undergoing re-evaluation, by which new democratic Police directorship is trying to decide whether or not they are able to be incorporated into new Police. Franz Mauer (Bogusław Linda) is one of them. He has a notorious service record, is ruthless, but devoted to service – the only thing he cares about, since he became estranged from his wife and son. Eventually he is recruited to Police. But one of his best friends, Olgierd, isn’t. Facing unemployment, Olgierd joins a newly created crime group (consisting of many ex-SB agents) which operates in drug smuggling business. Soon, Franz and Olgierd – who try to cooperate in spite of new circumstances – find each other enemies. Besides, Franz’s relationship with Angela – a young girl whom Franz befriended, becomes more and more complicated as the story continues, especially after Angela meets Olgierd.


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