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There are a few reasons why you should do so: the real Museum is one of the best in Poland; its virtual counterpart is the best one I have seen so far; finally, today is another 1 August and the 70th anniversary of the Uprising.

How can this historical tour benefit your Polish language skills?

The main attraction of this virtual museum is an online walk around almost all museum rooms. It is a guided tour – there is an accompanying narration in Polish (or English, or French – if you would like to switch to another language), and whatever you can hear appears in subtitles, which you can pause or stop and play from start at any moment. It means there is lots of reading and listening that you can portion into any chunks you want and cover at your pace, learning loads of new vocabulary.

To begin the tour, you need to go to the Virtual Museum of the Warsaw Uprising website and click on “Wirtualne Muzeum”. You will find yourself here:

Virtual Museum of the Warsaw Uprising - home page

Those who have been to the real museum, will probably remember these phones placed at the entrance. You will not miss them during the virtual tour.


On the way, you can see fragments of films or photos from the Uprising. Also, there are lots of “clickables” with more pictures, recordings, close-ups and extra information.

Museum of the Warsaw Uprising - the canals

You will also learn about other important events in Poland and abroad (relating to the situation in Poland).

About the communist government in Lublin

Picture of Stalin, Churchill, Roosevelt.

Apart from this tour, there are lots of other things to see, read or listen to. For example, clicking on “Pierwsze dni” in the menu on the left brings you to this page:

Clock, calendar and other object against the background of a photo with insurgents

Here, after clicking on the clock you can find photos of some exhibition items with descriptions.

machine gun used in the uprising

“Kartki z historią” are calendar pages that lead you through the whole uprising day by day – in the “real” museum these pages are strewn all over the building and you can collect them.

Calendar starting 27 July

Plenty of photos with desrciptions can be found in “Galerie i eksponaty” – “Fotografie”.

photo of a street with a barricade

There is a lot more – films, newspaper cut-outs, biographies – all to be discovered by you.

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